How did Zero-to-1 get started?

Investing at the earliest stages means we meet a lot of teams at the very beginning of product and traction, often pre-revenue - teams starting with a vision, problem insight, or personal pain point, embarking on the journey to find product-market fit, to go from zero to 1.

Each path to product-market fit is unique. Yet, there are core, shared components.

We work with our portfolio founders every day on these five core topics: Product, Customer Acquisition, Building the Early Team, Fundraising, and the Founder Emotional Journey. This year, we're excited to host Afore Zero-to-1 (Zt1) and bring this work to a wider group of founders through a six week series, for free, and entirely virtually, taking place Tuesday September 8 - Tuesday Oct 20.

Zt1 is designed to equip founders to tackle those core components.

The program will be entirely free to founders - no equity and no cost. Our goal is to support more founders early in the journey, as there are so many more teams than we can fund in our portfolio alone.

Each week will feature 2-3 speaker panels on one of the core company-building components: Product, Customer Acquisition, Building the Early Team, Fundraising, and the Founder Emotional Journey. All founders in the cohort are invited and encouraged to attend the panels each week to get a broad overview of the startup journey.

You'll also gain a community with whom to survive (and thrive on) the journey.

In the founder application, we ask for your #1 priority amongst the five Zt1 components. Based on your top focus area, we will place founders in 5-person accountability groups sharing the same focus. While the program is intended to give an overview of the early-stage startup journey, we hope these accountability groups based around your current area of focus will help accelerate progress in that one key area.

We will host the program using Virtually ( accompanied by a Slack community.

Typically, we host this event as an annual Summit for ~100 founders and investors in San Francisco.

Past events have brought together speakers like DoorDash CEO Tony Xu, Thumbtack cofounder/CEO Marco Zappacosta, and Benchmark GP Sarah Tavel for a day of founding stories and experience-sharing.

We're excited to reach more founders with the same incredible caliber of speakers and participants.

Our stellar roster currently includes Max Levchin (Founder, Affirm; Co-founder, PayPal), Ruth Zukerman (Co-founder, Flywheel; Co-founder, Soulcycle), Andrew Ofstad (Co-founder, Airtable), JD Ross (Co-founder, Opendoor), Andrew Lee (Co-founder, Firebase), Nadia Boujarwah (Co-founder & CEO, Dia & Co), Ilya Volodarsky (Co-founder, Segment), Umang (Co-founder, Handy), Alyson Friedensohn (Founder & CEO, Modern Health), and more.

We hope you will join us.

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Check out highlights from Afore Summit 2019 below.

About Afore: Afore Capital is a $124 million fund focused exclusively on Pre-Seed investing. We help founders through the product invention and market discovery process. We invest pre-traction, pre-revenue, pre-product market fit. Pre-anything. Nothing is too early for Afore. Our portfolio includes BetterUp, Modern Health, Overtime, Petal Card, Retain, Flatfile and many more:!/portfolio