Founders, rock the startup journey

Join a cohort of 100 select founders figuring out product development, customer acquisition, building the early team, fundraising, and navigating the emotional journey. All virtual, from the comfort of your home, and entirely free for founders.

Learn from entrepreneurs who have walked in your shoes

Andrew Ofstad

Co-founder, Airtable

Twists, turns, and collaboration on the road to product-market fit

Ruth Zukerman

Co-founder, Flywheel; Co-founder, SoulCycle

On resilience, reinvention, and knowing yourself, while building two iconic brands and communities

Max Levchin

Founder & CEO, Affirm; Co-founder & CTO, PayPal

From PayPal mafia to serial entrepreneur

Nadia Boujarwah

Founder & CEO, Dia&Co

How to build a loved consumer product and find your users

Jessica Chang

Co-Founder & CEO, Weecare

Getting the most out of a small team while building a two-sided marketplace of caregivers & parents

Shoaib Makani

Founder & CEO, KeepTruckin

Acquiring over 100,000 truck fleets as customers for a B2B product

...with more speakers listed below!

Access insights, community, and a network

Hear from legendary founders at virtual fireside chats each week

How they mastered the startup journey: product, customer acquisition, building a team, fundraising, and navigating the founder's emotional journey.

Build a community to support you

Founding isn't meant to be a solo journey. Join a cohort of select founders at the same stage to cheer each other on and grow with, during the program and beyond.

Tap into a network of founders, speakers, and investors

Looking for a marquee first customer? Positioning the perfect product marketing message? Hiring an outside sales rep? Stand on the shoulders of this broader network.

Accelerate the road to product-market fit

Ilya Volodarsky

Cofounder, Segment

Early days of B2B customer acquisition

Alyson Friedensohn

Founder & CEO, Modern Health

Navigating the founder emotional journey

Erica Alioto

Chief People Officer, Opendoor; SVP Sales, Yelp

Getting Yelp off the ground as 1st sales rep and 11 years building a full sales organization

Nnamdi Okike

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, 645 Ventures

Using data analytics from deal sourcing to diligence, tracking, and portfolio company value-add

Harry Stebbings

Founder, Stride.VC; Founder, The Twenty Minute VC

Scaling content to 15M downloads per month on $0 spend

Andrew Chau

Co-founder, Neo Financial; Co-founder, SkipTheDishes

Scaling a food delivery company to 4 million users (in Canada alone) and a $200M acquisition on <$10M funding raised

Aline Lerner

Founder & CEO,

Building the kind of hiring brand that makes hundreds of thousands of engineers come to you, with zero spend

Andrew Lee

Co-founder, Firebase (acq. Google)

Building a delightful B2B product

JD Ross

Company-builder, Atomic; Co-founder, Opendoor

Market and product research process to launch Opendoor and dozens more companies

Sara Mauskopf

Co-founder & CEO, Winnie

Iterating and pivoting to product-market fit with consumers and parents

Osman (Ozzie) Osman

Co-founder, Monarch Money; Co-founder, Parlio (acq. Quora); Author, Holloway Guide to Technical Recruiting and Hiring

Growing software engineering teams effectively and avoiding expensive hiring mistakes

Merci Victoria Grace

Partner, Lightspeed; Director of Product & Growth, Slack

How product, business model, positioning, and first customers define your go-to-market

Umang Dua

Co-founder, Handy

Scaling a direct-to-consumer marketplace from zero to acquisition

How will it work?

Is there a cost or equity involved?

Entirely free to founders - no equity and no cost. Our goal is to support more founders early in the journey, as there are so many more teams than we can fund in our portfolio alone.

When & where does the program take place?

The program will run six weeks, Tuesday, September 8 - Tuesday, October 20. Each week will feature two to three speaker panels, typically taking place in the morning US Pacific Time to accommodate time zones from the US East Coast to Europe and Asia. Applying for the program gives founders access to every event. In the final week, we'll celebrate the completion of the program with a half-day Summit (open to the wider public).

The program is entirely virtual.

What topics will be covered?

Each week will feature two to three panels on one of the core early-stage company-building components: Product Development, Customer Acquisition, Building the Early Team, Fundraising, and the Founder Emotional Journey. All founders in the cohort are invited and encouraged to attend the panels each week to get a broad overview of the startup journey.

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When does the application close?

Applications are open Monday August 3rd and close on Sunday, August 16th at 11:59pm PT. We will review applications on a rolling basis and confirm enrollment in the program as applications come in.

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Where will the program be located?

All events will take place virtually.

Who can attend?

All early-stage founders are invited to apply. We will select a cohort of ~100 teams.

All who apply (even those not selected for this year's cohort) will be invited to attend the half-day Summit on October 20, 2020, featuring guests like Max Levchin (Founder & CEO, Affirm; Co-founder & CTO, PayPal), Afore Capital founders Gaurav Jain and Anamitra Banerji, Alfred Lin (General Partner, Sequoia Capital), Ruth Zukerman (Co-founder, Flywheel and SoulCycle), and more.

Does my company need to be incorporated to attend? What is too early? What is too late?

At Afore, we say that nothing is too early. Founders who would get the most value out of the program are ones who have their starting team and idea in mind and have begun developing product.

Can multiple co-founders attend?

Multiple co-founders from the same team are welcome to attend. Each team need only submit one application. (We'll ask for co-founder names/emails at the end of the application).

What is the time commitment?

Founders spending three to six hours per week attending the speaker series and engaging with the community will likely get the most out of the program. The program is designed to be part-time alongside your day-to-day.

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